Friday, July 13, 2007

Motivational Pigtures: My Greens

Life's been hectic, so I have had a chance to post about the boys. I've been hard at work, and getting ready to foster a hamster (and possibly adopt one of my own). How exciting!

Anyway, the boys are great. Bobby has grown a bunch and has nearly doubled his weight. He's still pretty high strung; I'm hoping he'll start to calm down soon.

Phin is still Phin, but these days he's a bit more accepting of nose and chin scratches (though after a bit he gets tire of his dewlap waddling around and grabs my finger with his little paw). I think he just loves me for my Critter Berry treats.

I have no recent photos so I will just share a nice little macro with you today. OH! My guinea pig merch arrived a while ago. I will get photos of it up soon. That's all for now.

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