Monday, September 17, 2007

Britney Needs Love

Yesterday, Chris and I payed a visit to the North Jersey Guinea Pig and Hamster Rescue. We went to pick up Apollo, a four week old guinea pig who has been weaned from his mother and was living with his uncle. If all goes well, he will be Walter's new companion. They're currently housed separately, of course, until we know that all is well and we can closely watch them interact.

We also decided to take a hamster to foster. Her name is Britney (after the troubled mother/drama queen/pop tart), and she's adorable. She was pregnant when she was rescued with our little Ursa. I thought that little momma Britney deserved a break so we decided to watch after her until she is adopted.

She's pretty hand trained and very energetic. We're letting her settle in first; we want to be sure she gets used to being on her own after being buried in children. Once she's comfortable, we'll have her in the "moon racer" exploring the house with our two little fuzzy sweethearts, Amora and Ursa.

Photos of the boys will be coming very soon; they're overdue for a photo shoot. In the meantime, here are some more shots of Brit.

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