Thursday, November 29, 2007

Phin, Bobby, Logan, & Xavier - An Update

The boys are all doing wonderfully. Much to their delight, Chris accidentally ordered a 50 lbs bale of hay, and what a happy mistake that was! A seemingly never-ending supply of hay? Too good to be true. But Chris managed to top that by ordering a bunch of Critter Berries.

Finally, we purchased a second vet bedding from Palace Pet in blue, just to change things up.

Bobby is seven months old now, and huge! He's almost as big as Phin, and that's saying something. Here's a photo of the boys taken on November 20th.

Cross your fingers -- Logan and his friend Xavier may be headed to a new home soon! We received word from the shelter today that there's a possibility they may be adopted soon. As much as I will miss them, I hope that they will find a loving, affectionate family willing to offer a safe, permanent home.

Here's a photo of Xavier and Logan after Vitamin C time.

Fostering them has been a challenge. They've been with us for a while now, so it's been hard not to get attached. We have to maintain a certain amount of contact with them so that they remain social, so cuddling has become second nature.

Ever since Logan was paired with Xavier, he's been a different pig. He's much more affectionate and happy. I love how baby Xavier follows his Uncle Logan around. That always makes me smile.

Amora and Ursa are both doing well. It's been difficult to get photos of them, as they are hamster puffs by day, hamster track stars by night. Hopefully we'll have some to share eventually.

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