Thursday, June 7, 2007

Completed Cage

Finally! The cage is done, and the boys are making themselves at home. It was great to see them so curious and excited about their new home. For the time being, we've decided to keep them in the living room until we move the Bear's computer desk to the future game room.

I admit, I'll miss greeting them first thing in the morning (they were in the loft, a few feet away from our bedroom door), but they'll get to see us most evenings, and they'll see me practically all day during my days off, like today. That reminds me, today is weigh-in day.

The Bear picked up an adorable sofa chair for the boys. While he wasn't sure they would care for it, I was positive at least one of them would take to it. Leave it to Mr. Curious to take a sniff at it. Bobby seems to be the one to like it. Phin prefers his pigloo.

To see some more photos of the cage, click here.

My next order of business is to start sewing up cavy cozies. I haven't sewn by hand in a very long time (aside from mending the occasional hole in a shirt, or loose button). Not too long ago, I picked up some fabrics: Spider-Man (which I used at my first attempt at a pig teepee), USA, baseball, and white fleece. I still have a great deal of Spider-Man fabric left, so I might make an extra cozy, or try making a better teepee.
I couldn't believe how hard it was to find a fabric that wasn't incredibly feminine, and while I was tempted to pick up some animal print fabric, I decided that sticking with the bachelor pad theme was best.

I'll be sure to post the end product of that venture, as well as my first (and second) attempt at a teepee.

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