Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Things Done, Things To Do

It arrived sooner than I thought. The Cavy Health Record Books (one for each of the boys) we ordered were here in time for their follow-up visit with the vet. I was so pleased! It's an impressive resource.
The visit went well (of course I'm sure the boys would disagree). They received another shot of Ivomec, and that was that. She suggested an oatmeal bath for Phin's dry skin, so once their new bedding arrives, I'll give him a nice warm bath to ease his skin and wash off the dander. Bobby will get a bath as well. Having them both fresh and clean will be great so that I can start using their brushes to groom them.
Because they were such good sports, I made sure they were rewarded with lots of extra head scratches, snuggles, and treats. I bought alfalfa blocks for Bobby, and toys for them both -- a stuffed carrot, and a stuffed apple. Bobby took to them immediately, pushing them around with his nose (I wish I had my camera on me!) and popcorning around them, while Phin looked at them with suspicion.

Tonight we ordered a couple of toddler gates for floortime. This will eliminate the sad excuse for a play pen we have now, plus we won't have to sacrifice our carpets. I keep thinking of things to get for the boys, so I think it's time for something for myself. Perhaps a new bag? We shall see. That's about all for the moment. As you can see, things are absolutely pigtastic.

Photos from GuineaLynx.info, and RabbitMart.com.

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