Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pigtastic Summer Sushi

Partly inspired by Hamster Tracker's Cooking 4 Lucy series, I decided to "cook" up something special for my furbabies. Introducing my attempt at Pigtastic Summer "Sushi" consisting of some of the boys' favorites.

We start with a nice sized cucumber, washed and rinsed. Chop it into about half-inch slices.

Next, core the slices using a small knife or something that can fit the center of the slice. Set aside the cores for later.

When you're done coring the slices, you can set them in the dish or plate. The first attempt at this I tried using a bed of greens (kale shown here). While it looked very pretty, it proved to be chaotic in the end -- the boys ripped the kale from beneath the sushi and made a mess.

Take the leftover cucumber cores and chop them up, discarding the seeds. Usually, just chopping off the sides of the core will do. Next, chop up your piggy's favorites. The photo to the left shows a nice mix of kale and cucumber chopped into beautiful green stuffing.

You're almost done!

Stuff the mix into the cored cucumber slices.

This is generally what the finished product will look like. Photographed here is a mix of cucumber, golden delicious apple, with a bit of bell pepper for color.

Hint: with the right combo of fruits, this could be an excellent veggie treat for you, too. Try chopped cucumber, strawberry, and watermelon.

And now for my favorite part! Share with your your piggy pals and watch them enjoy. Also, some moist pellets mashed with cucumber or apple makes for a nice "wasabi" sauce. ¡Buen provecho!

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