Friday, June 15, 2007

That'll Do Piggle

Yesterday evening, I trimmed Phin's nails without incident. He put up very little protest, and I was able to finally trim those horrid curly claws he had growing out. As this was his first nail trimming with me, I didn't take any pictures because I didn't want to spook him.

Before the trimming commenced, I spent some time with him. I don't know if other guinea pigs care for massage or not, but I can personally vouch for two that have responded well towards it. When he was calm, I lifted him up gently and got the clipper ready.

With his arms and feet in what I can only describe as a zombie position, I was able to cut his nails without him squirming. At first, he was annoyed about having been moved from his warm and cozy spot on my lap, but he was bought off with treats of course.

His reward for being so awesome: a couple of extra Critter Berries. It was a good evening.

I'm still waiting on the new bedding, as well as some cavy-related goodies I ordered for myself. Until then (or next update), I will leave you with a fun photo of Phin's awesome nose.

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