Saturday, June 2, 2007

First Vet Visit

I took the boys to the vet on Thursday for an exam and got more than I bargained for. I ended up paying twice what I though I'd pay which, of course, means something was wrong.

The reason I was in a rush to get the to the vet in the first place was the fact I noticed Phin constantly scratching and barbering himself. The vet gave him and Bobby a shot of Ivomec (despite their protests) and poor Phin had to have hairs plucked for a ringworm culture. Now I'm sure Phin doesn't have ringworm, or else the foster family that cared for him would have had it, too. But it's better to be safe than sorry, and ruling it out is worth it.

Aside from that, it was just business as usual -- some poking, prodding, blinding, and general humiliation to make sure they're all clear. I didn't receive a phone call about the stool sample, which is great news. They were just glad the nightmare was finally over after everything.

That same day, the C&C cage arrived for the boys but the vet and I decided it would be best to keep in the temporary cage for the time being. While I hate to do so, it's just not worth it to put potentially infested pigs in a new (and much larger) cage. When this nightmare of waiting for the culture and their follow up visit (Tuesday after next) is over, we can rest easy and set up the piggy condo.

They were over the trauma after some rest and Orchard Grass, and Bobby's back to popcorning and annoying his Uncle Phin when he's trying to sleep.

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